Thursday, December 27, 2007

NTC Xmas Party @ Beaufort, The Sentosa Resort & Spa

Finally, the pics are ready to be uploaded. Co-organize by the NTC welfare team (Susan & I plus bernie).
Luncheon was only OK judging by the number of stars Beaufort Hotel is claiming to be. Anyway, it was International Buffet. The desserts were delicious though, namely the bread and mango pudding. Main course was quite Asian like pinapple rice, stewed chicken and mushroom. It was a darn unfortunate thing not to have PL with us . It was really missing 1 part of the 3 sisters of NTC (Susan, PL and I).

Back to the topic, it seem to be a practice as our very own director, Prof Tan post as Santa Claus. He was pretty cute though in the costume. Games organized by Susan and I were played namely, 'Pass-the-Parcel' and 'Xmas Caroling' to fill in the waiting time for Prof Tan to dress up as Santa. Later in the day, we also had gift exchange by our mystery angel! My angel was Quan Yu who gave me OLAY ANTI-AGEING cream. "Good to prevent wrinkles from young" - replied an elated Catherine

Part of the reason why we had this in Beaufort was that the Chinese Strategy Team were having their retreat and NTC leveraged on this. Thus, we had a chance for room visiting and opened our eyes to the luxurious settings of the suites.

We ended our day waiting for the shuttle service bus back to Harbourfront centre. Guess what I was drained and went straight back home to gain back my beauty nap.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas Party @ May's House!

It was a big ridicule as this party began from an unexpected food tasting along Marriot Hotel. The gorgeous and sinful looking chocolate fudge xmas cake simply caught Cher's and my attention. It cost a whipping SGD$59.90. However, it's fluffiness along with a mild tint of rum & raisin taste lingered both of our tastebuds. Moreover, as UOB card holders, we enjoy a cool 15% discount! Salut! (Pic to be uploaded soon).

Yes, the cake was bought along with the creation of our "GEEK - Themed" xmas party. It was pretty cool planning for all this BUT due to my focus on my precious students, I was not involved in the implementation and messed up with the coordination. Duh..... Anyway, we had our fill with the following list of food:

(1) May's 爱心 spagetthi;
(2) Cher's and My Marriot Hotel Choco Fudge Cake;
(3) Gerald's and Lene's honey bake ham and honey smeared ribs and;
(4) May's sis on extreme sinfulious cheesecake collection

The party wasn't a successful one as our geek spects was a total failure. Dum Cher for buying $2 worth long-sighted glasses. Though they are cheap but I will not jeopertised my deteriorating sight for a cheapo spects! Sorry Cher cos I really salut to your effort though.

The main highlight that night was our trip to Chevron's Clubhouse KTV. It was real cheap for 6 pple. Were crazy, sing and dance throughout the wee hours. (Pics to be uploaded soon) Salut to Lene's BF for being an angel by fetching Cher, Gerald and I back home safe and sound with his C280 Merz.

What a night - 23/12/2007, Sunday

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well, finally the moment has arrived. Our retreat is set to be held on Bintan Island and we'll be living at Angsana Resort. Cool island, cool living conditions BUT lousy activities.....

Ohhh how time files. I can still remember the times when NTC had our 1st retreat over at Cameron Highlands. It was such a long bus journey (well, not really compared to the trip to Penang). It was a 5days 4nights thingy and all we did there was: MEETINGs.... And so it went on and on till Pei Ling was under extreme stress that she talked while she was sleeping. Creepy. All her dreams throughout the week were even lamer.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Back from OBS

OBS aka Outward Bound Singapore. Spent my 5 days 4 nights on the northeast located small island, Pulau Ubin. Yes, it is part of my job to be with the students. Count myself lucky, I was accompanied by my beloved Asst. Manager aka good pal, Ms. Susan Yong (Xiao Yang). Life's miserable and all we got to do was to OBSERVE. To be seen but not to be heard. Food sucks too.

Fortunately, we self-entertained throughout and boy, I was freaking LAME! Even I was not able to withstand my lameness. One of the self-entertained activities was to be the official photographer for both batches. I'm quite pro in this though I did not received any proper training. Look at the shots:

Salut to Batch 12 as we had stormed through 3 rounds of heavy rain and choppy waves. Applauds to Batch 13 as we had survived without being cooked under the hot, sorching sun. Kowtow to both Susan and I for being such 'ku liangs' and 'Ah Tiongs' for the past days. Life just can't seem to be that lame.

Btw, my face and neck was badly caressed by our common six-legged flying freaks, Mr. Mosquito.

Before I end, thank you for all the OBS instructors. They are honored by us. ESP to Louis, thanks for being so 'liang'.