Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Watch out for Batam Trip Posting

Am trying my best to grab the photos taken during my Batam, Indonesia trip from Cherina to update my blog. Finally after several months of pending status, do view:

Shopping was indeed done and in large bulks. LOL I mean that was the entire purpose for this trip in the very first place. BTW.... please do not get cheated by the Panaroma Regency Hotel. I had suffered a real culture shock after some years of traveling as this hotel was located right in the city area of Batam. The stares we had, were terrifying..... Well maybe I'm not up to hard-core backpack travelling. Till then.

Chill-out @ Timbre Arthouse

Happy 20th Birthday to Gillian Khoo! Celebrations was at our fav hang-out place - Timbre (arthouse). 9 May 2008

Our dear b'day gal and her cake. Oh ya, FYI, we wore matching colored clothes. Like Mum like daugther. Cherina really seemed out of place.

My lovely shot along with a harmless drink - - - Lime Juice.

My friend aka neighbour of 16 years, since K2.

My friend of 9 years, since Sec 1.

My friends who are friends of each other.... LOL what am I talking about?? Point to note: did you realise the neat diference in height? DO..... RE..... MI.....

The difference between a fat ass and a bamboo.
Person missing: Geraldine whose relative came to visit her. Only dissappointment: Poor seating location and no performance by THE GOODFELLAs Just our luck. Till then, Akira @ Link Hotel - next chill-out venue.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lost in the world of Mando Pop

I am always lost in the world of Mando Pop but I guess this has elevated to the next level. I know I am cheena but who cares!

Introducing to you: Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang 张栋梁, a native from Kuching, Sarawak. Winner of Astro Talent Competition 2002. Yes! He is my current Mando Pop Idol. Actually, I had known of his presence back in 2002 because of his cover on 黄昏. His clear and crisp voice captivated my attention. 6 years had passed and finally, Warner Music produced a summarized collection of his hits - FROM NOW ON. Gathered from his 3 albums, we are looking at the following:

01. 新歌试唱 02. 寂寞那么多 03. 错爱 04. 当你孤单你会想起谁 05. 寂寞边界 06. 王子 07. 痛彻心扉 08. 如果 09. Your Heart My Heart 10. 爸爸妈妈 11. 黄昏 12. 北极星的眼泪 13. 只因为你 14. 错了再错 15. 我真的以为 16. 日日夜夜 17. 付出 18. Only One 19. 忘记爱过 20. 陌路 21. 重伤 22. 晚安,宝贝

My recommendations are highlighted. To express my support to this raising singer, I recently bought his album and went to his autograph session - 3rd May @ Bishan Junction 8, Top of the 8:

His sincerity impressed me. Unlike other celebraties who shortened their signatures to fasten teh queue, Nicholas signed all albums with his full name. Kudos.... Also, instead of showing his furstration over the unfavorable temperature of Singapore, the humid weather did not prevent him from showing his humility to his fans (eh uhm.. me included of coz :p). Well, I guess my support for him stays till....BTW, I'm still listening to his album, 24/7 - @ office, gym & home. Did I mention that he waved twice to me while he was singing? HAHA.

Song sang during autograph session: 只因为你 错了再错 寂寞那么多 Did I also mention that his live performance blew me off? Point to note: He has a huge head with extra volume hair. Powerful hair spray used.