Thursday, April 24, 2008

NTU and NUS acceptance

Finally the acceptance letters from both prestigious tertiary schools were received. Now, the entry is just one click away. As expected, I will be selecting NTU for Accountancy. As an aspiring accountant, my very first mission is to regain back 'my school mode' mentality. Fortunately, I am always around the education environment while working in NTU. LOL *winks* Well, what will bore me is definitely the food. Hahaha, despite the latest addition of Subway, Canadian Pizza, Old Chang Kee and Sakae Sushi, I still feel empty. Did I mention that Sakae Sushi @ NTU sucks totally? Judging from a previous tip-top waitress in this local food-chain venture, I was and am still disappointed with the standard of food. OMG.... the ramen was not even comparable with a $2 meepok in hawker centre. So please, unless you have lots of money to splurge, do not waste it on disappointing meals that'll spoil your mood.

Pictures are really deceiving.

Had lots of fun helping out for the TIP-Chinese Masters Programme - Orientation Day. Here are some shots:

Our intelligent bosses with their 'capes' to represent their qualifications.

Girl power!

I am still waiting for Jace to send me photos that was taken during Rui Ling's birthday celebration @ Villa Bali. Well, it was a small one since there were only Jace, RL, Eric and I. LOL but we enjoyed ourselves with the food and a birthday cake (a signature one) from Awfully Chocolate.

Currently, I am watching the repeated telecast of America's Next Top Model Cycle 8. It is really a motivational programme that spurs one to cut down weight. LOL. The latina girl, Jaslene is the winner for this cycle and she is what we Singaporeans call as bamboo stick. These contestants, irregardless of which cycles, are very interesting ladies. If there is one particular show not to be missed, I would say ANTM!

Jaslene - Winner aka Cha Cha gal

Renee - 1st Runner up aka the complaint gal

Natasha - 2nd Runner up aka the russian foreigner

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some recollections

Was browsing through my photo database and ta da... I do take lots of photos...

Slacking @ work - meeting room @ my dispense

A Bintan shot taken from Angsana Beach Resort - killing time before food arrived

Before settling off for Jack's Place @ West Coase and slurping up the soup of the day

Dinner @ Asia Bar - SwissOtel

Shots taken at Timbre - Arthouse. Celebrating Cher's 22 B'day. She's the gorgeous one in patterns dress.

Exposed by the amatuer photographer - Cherina

KTV @ Chevrons - Christmas celebration after the disastrous 'themed' party

Chilling out @ Timbre - Substation (my first time)
After Ruiling's 21 celebration - @ Brewkz

A visit to the Singapore Zoo after 18 years. Most worst dressed of the day.

Information session @ Amara Hotel - A place where food is the best.

KL with Sabah buddies

My 20 B'day celebration @ N.Y.D.C - Suntec but I was really sick.

My Saudi Arabian visitor to my humble center

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Some Traveling shots

To Batam: 1 day, Dec 2007

The speedboat ride

Meal @ the nearly extinct A&W

Pads shopping, freaking cheap @ SGD$0.70 per 22 pieces!

Way to manicure

Tea break - Donuts

To Cameroon Highlands: 5 days 4 nights, Jan 2007

Sweet and refreshing highlands

To Sabah: 5 days 4 nights, Jan 2007

Beach @ KaraBrunei Resort

Snorkeling at Pulau Manukan

Nature is beautiful

Last night with Emmanuel..*sob*