Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pouring with rain

Drowning my head to fill all 100 students' face and names, I'm bursting to off work soon. As the clock ticks, my brain juice drips to the end! Grr! Extreme loneliness is also causing all this.

Arranged to watch December Boys with beloved Jace LYW next Wednesday along with the guys. However, living in this tiny area of Lion City, we were stuck on what we can do to spend time slacking.

Promise myself that I will bring my cable to upload photos. BTW, I'm owning a new haircut. From being an "Ayumi Hamasaki 2000" look alike hair to "Rainie Yang"'s jellyfish look. Intending to buy a straightener soon. Will find time though *giggles.

As the day is going to end soon, I'm still struggling to arrange students' photos. Batch 12/13 here I come.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Technie Junkie

Am still exploring on the usage of blogs and the wonders of them. Will change this dead background and update it soon.

Contacted gastric-flu on Tuesday, went back home after struggling 3 hrs of work at the very west side of Singapore.

Did not had a great night rest though. Puked several times through out the wee hours. My family doctor was my saviour of the year, coz I'd fell asleep like nobody's business straight after her prescribed medication the next morning.

Was home alone and had a lonely lunch (which I puked it out again) till evening. Met up with Jace and company - poly mates in short. Had heavy dinner (which I regreted) at Village, Heerens and after which, Jace went and bought her JAY CHOU's newest album. She went crazy just by looking at JAY in Starbucks where we had our fav hang-out activity - coffeeing. Even Wei Qi went wild by posing as JAY (though he do have some resemblance) LOL.

Salute to Mr. JAY CHOU for your impactful influence on my frens.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Brand New Beginning!

As an IT idiot, I have finally begin my blogging journey this very day!

Though it seemed ages since blogging was introduced, I hesitated till today to start my very first blogging entry. All thanks to my dearest IT savvy friend, Jace Lee.

A frequent traveller, stunt queen and gossiper, it is really a miss not to jot down all the happenings experienced by me. Thus, 'Coffee Talks' is kick-started.

Some recollections on what had happened in the month of October 2007:

(1) Yong Tat's 21st B'day celebration - 08 Oct but we celebrated on 06 Oct instead at Iguana Cafe.

TB14 mates with B'day boy Yong Tat and his gift - Fossil watch.

(2) My 21st B'day celebration Part B- 28 Oct

A cake sponsored by KBOX - Marina Sq.

A gift from Agnes b.

A gift from Swatch.

My beloved friends who came.

Dinner at Cosy Bay - Kallang, with BOB aka Best of the Best.

Dinner at Cosy Bay - Kallang, with Sabah Team Mates.